GNOME tweak tool design refresh

Status: Completed


The GNOME tweak tool provides access to 'tweaks' - settings and changes that fall outside the scope of the control-center, which are still used widely enough to deserve a UI. In the 3.10 cycle, the tweak tool received a complete redesign, which is being implemented as a GSoC project.

The wireframes for the new design are here:


John Stowers

Involved Parties

  • Allan Day for the design
  • John Stowers (coding)
  • Alex Mudoz (GSOC coding)

Current Status

The new design is being implemented. It has been merged to master in time for the 3.9.90 release.

New features

  • GNOME3 style sidebar and search (complete)
  • Better categorization of tweaks (complete)
  • Specialized ui for certain tweaks (complete)
  • XSettings overrides (middle mouse...) (complete)
  • Startup apps (complete)
  • Allow updating extensions from inside tweak tool (complete)
  • Wacom support (mostly complete)

Relevant bugs:

How you can help

Try gnome-tweak-tool, request tweaks that you are missing.

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