System Status Menu

Status: Complete


The current system status area consists of a series of menus for different aspects of system status, such as networking, sound and power. This feature proposes to combine these into a single menu. Doing so will resolve a number of UX bugs and will also give us some additional features and flexibility not possible with the current approach.

More details on the (in development) updated design.


JasperStPierre, AllanDay

Involved Parties

Design: AllanDay, WilliamJonMcCann, JakubSteiner

GNOME Shell developers, in particular Jasper St. Pierre

Affected modules: gnome-shell, gnome-settings-daemon

Current Status

The design has gone through several iterations of review and refinement.

This feature has been discussed quite a bit on d-d-l: initial proposal, another thread

The branches have been merged for 3.9.90.

Some related bugs:

  • (./) 705647 New System Status design lost the ability to suspend

  • (./) 705733 Make new system status implementation respect the always-show-universal-access-status setting

  • 706191 System menu - align submenu labels with parent

  • (./) 706038 system status: battery status shown for a VM

  • (./) 706098 Network indicator always shows 'disconnected' for a wired connection

  • (./) 706136 Wi-fi dialog tweaks

  • (./) 706139 Misaligned sub-menu arrows

How to help

Contact any of the involved parties. Try the branch


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