Hi-DPI display support

Status: In progress


Make GNOME work well on hi-dpi displays such as the Chromebook Pixel. This is done by implicitly scaling all output by a factor of 2. Applications mostly don't have to care about this, they operate in 'abstract pixel' space. The bulk of the work is happening in GTK+.


Alex Larsson

Involved Parties

GTK+ team, gnome-shell team, cairo developers, artists

Current Status

The GTK+ changes are almost complete in 3.9.10. The GTK+ changes require a new cairo API to have any effect. This is not available in cairo 1.12. The needed changes are in cairo master now, and will appear in 1.13.

Outstanding pieces:

  • (./) 705409 Scale cursors

  • 705915 Add hi-dpi support to clutter

  • 705410, 705411 Implement scaling in gnome-shell

  • 705412 Draw hi-dpi versions of many (all ?) icons

How you can help

If you have a hi-dpi laptop, try it out according to the instructions at https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2013-July/msg00007.html, and report any issues you find.

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