Integrate Flickr in Photos

Status: Complete


Some time ago, support for adding Flickr accounts was added to GNOME Online Accounts. We should leverage this in Photos to let the user seamlessly access her photos on Flickr. Grilo's Flickr plugin will provide the protocol / API implementation.


Debarshi Ray

Involved Parties

Debarshi Ray, Marek Chalupa

Affected modules: grilo, gnome-online-accounts, gnome-online-miners, gnome-photos

Current Status

Tracker bugs:

  • (./) #678151 Support Flickr (gnome-online-accounts)

  • (./) #697675 Support Flickr (gnome-photos)

  • (./) #697175 Use OAuth for Flickr (grilo)

  • (./) #697565 Use GOA for Flickr (grilo)

  • (./) #700517 Name Flickr sources created from GOA by their id (grilo)

  • (./) #700897 Mine Flickr (gnome-online-miners)

How to Help

Contact any of the involved parties


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