GNOME shell app picker design refresh

Status: Complete


The GNOME shell overview prominently features an application picker. The current implementation presents icons in a scrolling grid. The new design will change it to be paged, and to have various other changes and improvements to make the picker more pleasant and touch-friendly.


Florian Muellner and his SoC student, Carlos Soriano

Involved Parties

Jakub Steiner for the design

Current Status

The new design is being implemented as a GSoC project. Review of the branch is happening in 706081. It has been included it in the 3.9.91 release.

TODO with priority

  • Key navigation DONE
  • RTL language DONE
  • Pan action in FolderView DONE

  • Focus loose on folder views between openings DONE
  • Checked issue of folder icon when quick open and close
  • Shadow of the folder icon background too hard = reduce opacity and a little more large shadow
  • Indicators fade in/out DONE
  • Animation when clicking 9-dots icon at dash
  • More spacing between icons inside folder icons
  • Glow round corner has to match icon on hover roudn corners.

How you can help

Reach out to Florian or Carlos

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