Service interfaces

The user panel and other parts of the desktop currently use the AccountsService D-Bus service for obtaining and manipulating user account information. The AccountsService explicitly only deals with local accounts (ie /etc/passwd and utmp). It offers APIs to

  • List 'known' users (explicitly not 'all' users)
  • Find a user by name or by uid
  • Create, delete or lock user accounts
  • Get a users name, language, email, account type, photo
  • Set a users name, language, email, account type, photo
  • Change a users password
  • Mark a user for automatic login
  • Notify about any of these changes

The actual APIs can be found here: org.freedesktop.Accounts and org.freedesktop.Accounts.User

For integrating centrally managed user identities, a number of new APIs will be needed or desirable, including

  • Query writability of user attributes
  • List available domains
  • List 'secondary identities' of a user
  • Authenticate for a 'secondary identity'
  • 'Drop' a 'secondary identity'
  • Notify about expiring passwords or tickets
  • Obtain a 'token' to encrypt the users keyring

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