Exchange support in gnome-online-accounts

Status: Completed


GNOME 3.0 introduced the concept of 'online accounts', which are centrally managed. Currently, we have support for Google accounts, and evolution is using the information to access gmail. It would be very useful to provide similarly integrated support for Exchange accounts.


Debarshi Ray

Involved Parties

Debarshi Ray, Matt Barnes, Milan Crha

Affected modules: gnome-online-accounts, evolution, evolution-ews

Current Status

The gnome-online-accounts support for Exchange has been included in 3.5.1. The accounts-rewrite in evolution has been merged after 3.5.2, and the exchange-via-online-accounts support will follow soon. evolution-ews 3.5.3 will support getting exchange accounts from gnome-online-accounts.

The feature is tracked in bugzilla:

  • (./) #667889 Add support for Exchange accounts (gnome-online-accounts)

How to Help

Contact any of the involved parties

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