SkyDrive support in gnome-documents

Status: Completed


Currently, gnome-documents can handle Google docs, if you have set up a Google account in gnome-online-accounts. In 3.4, gnome-online-accounts gained support for 'Windows Live' accounts. It would be nice to integrate this account type in gnome-documents, and provide access to documents that are available in Microsoft SkyDrive.


Cosimo Cecchi

Involved Parties

Debarshi Ray

Affected modules: gnome-online-accounts, gnome-documents

Current Status

The feature is being tracked in bugzilla:

Debarshi is working on a library to wrap SkyDrive and HotMail requests, similar to libgdata for Google. The library is called zapojit, which is Czech for 'connect'.

The SkyDrive support has been included in GNOME 3.5.2. See Debarshi's blog for more information and screenshots.

How to Help

Contact Cosimo or Debarshi

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