Notifications Update

Status: planning


  • Resolve design issues with the tray and notifications (difficult to open the tray, notifications getting missed or getting in the way, the tray not providing an effective representation of notifications).
  • Simplify the gnome-shell notifications implementation, to ensure maintainability and lower the number of bugs.
  • Make notifications more interesting and useful to users, by enhancing the platform and promoting effective notification usage by applications.
  • Migrate away from status icons.


Key elements to the initiative:

Elements to the notifications redesign:

  • Refactor Message Tray into a top bar menu.
  • Refactor banners to the top-right of the screen.
  • Create a new system tray for system icons.
  • Refactor notification preferences to reflect new design.
  • Add removable media to the system menu.
  • Rework the calendar drop down to include weather and birthdays.
  • Rework the system menu to allow music to be incorporated more easily.
  • Add music to the system menu. Port music to MPRIS.

Involved Parties

AllanDay, JasperStPierre

Affected modules: gnome-shell, gnome-settings-daemon, gio

Current Status

Designs are being worked on. See the notifications design page.

This is a complex project with various elements. Some constituent tasks:

Some bugs to file once background notifications are supported:

  • Clocks - show a background notification when a timer is running.
  • Clocks - show a background notification when a stopwatch is running.
  • Weather - show weather information as a background notification.
  • Contacts - show a background notification for contact birthdays.

How to Help

Comment on the design page, speak to Jasper about the coding tasks required. There's plenty.


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