GNOME Software

Status: In progress


GNOME Software is an application to install and remove software. It explicitly does not manage packages, and focuses exclusively on applications. It also lets you keep your system up-to-date, by installing updates.

The architecture of gnome-software is using plugins, to allow different sources for applications. Currently, package-based applications are handled by a PackageKit plugin. Additional metadata for application is provided using the appdata format, which is a subset of the appstream format that is already in use.

The initial focus of gnome-software development has been to just provide basic information for each application (icon, description). For 3.12, we will expand this to include screenshots, ratings, additional metadata like license, size, origin.

gnome-software will gain the ability to install 'add-ons' - fonts, input methods, codecs, etc.

We will also add a GNOME shell search provider, and move the functionality of the gnome-settings-daemon updates plugin into gnome-software.



Richard Hughes

Involved Parties

Designers (Allan Day, Ryan Lerch, Jakub Steiner)

Current Status

gnome-software will be available as a preview in 3.10. It can install, remove applications on systems with PackageKit. It can install updates on systemd-based systems.

How you can help

A very useful way to help is to add appdata for applications upstream.

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