Integrate Pocket in GNOME

Status: In progress


Pocket is a service that lets you save interesting articles, videos, etc. from the Web to be consumed later. Once saved, the content can be accessed later from any device that has a Pocket client.

Prospective integration points would be Web.


Bastien Nocera

Involved Parties

Bastien Nocera, Debarshi Ray, Claudio Saavedra

Affected modules: epiphany, gnome-online-accounts, grilo-plugins

Current Status

Tracker bugs:

  • (./) #704564 Add Pocket support (gnome-online-accounts)

  • #720444 Add support for saving links to Pocket (epiphany)

  • (./) #722819 Add Pocket source (grilo-plugins, for totem)

How to Help

Contact any of the involved parties


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