Sysadmin ToDo and Projects list

In progress


Important items


  1. Gerrit istance.
  2. Set up all the relevant websites hooks using fishpoll. (dropping /
  3. Remove shells from (


  1. Mail server migration from menubar to a newer VM. Make the needed configurations in Puppet to include amavis, clamav, spamd.
  2. Upgrade live.g.o to latest MoinMoin. (1.9.6)

  3. Set up a Services bot on GIMPNET to act as a Nickserv, Chanserv.
  4. Move our DNS configuration into Puppet
  5. Migrating our main NFS node from container to a newer machine.
  6. Retire old machines:
    1. container
    2. menubar
    3. button
    4. label
    5. window
    6. fixed
  7. Clean nagios a bit and put the relevant data on Puppet.
  8. Move all Mysql databases to one single server.
  9. Move all admin stuff into admin.g.o.
  10. Configure SSL on all the relevant services.
  11. Migrate LDAP to clipboard and create a slave.
  12. Increase monitoring on the hosted machines, especially for SSL certificates and relevant services. Set up a public view for Nagios.
  13. Update per-server documentation and make a map of the hosted services.
  14. Setup and configure Owncloud
  15. Set up the KGB bot for Git commits.
  16. Puppetize Ubuntu-based machines.
  17. Check each machine and clean the useless services to prevent leaving unmaintained software around. Apache standardization on every machine.
  18. Move cgit's css files to be a fishpoll's hook
  19. Clean puppet modules and rebuild some of the broken modules.
  20. CiviCRM setup
  21.'s tuning and cleanup (

  22. Upgrade all machines to RHEL6. (just combobox, vbox and drawable are currently missing, hardly we'll be upgrading them though)
  23. Set up a haproxy istance for separating frontend and backend machines. We can finally bind a wildcard SSL certificate to the istance without incurring in any security issue.
  24. Check for a central syslog facility.
  25. Set up a Bastion host for centralized SSH access and VPN.
  26. Customized MOTD on all the machines.
  27. GitHub mirror.

  28. Set up a mysqld's replica on expander that replicates all the data from our main MySQL host, drawable.
  29. Make sure all the machines at PHX2 do have configured mgmt cards.
  30. Make sure all the machines at PHX2 do have configured PDU's.
  31. Move Bugzilla to a new VM and upgrade it.
  32. Ping all the gnome*.* (and related projects) domain owners and have all the domains transferred to the GNOME Foundation. (gnomehispano.{org,es},, gimp.{org,net}, and have been transferred)

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