Websites Team Testing istances

Contact information

Owner: GNOME Sysadmin Team, GNOME Websites Team


Contact: #sysadmin

Persons: AndreaVeri

Purpose: Connecting to the OSUOSL-hosted VM for accessing GNOME testing boxes.


This SOP explains how to connect to the OSUOSL-hosted VM for managing and accessing GNOME's testing istances at OSU OSL.


The current testing istances have been setup:

  • (at

  • OSEM (at

  • Git (at

  • DXR (at

Git repositories at are serving the following content:

  • gnome-web-www (for updates on the theme)

  • git-web (for updates on the theme)

Accessing the repositories can be done as follows:

git clone ssh://
git clone ssh://

If you are missing any ACL or access please contact the GNOME Sysadmin Team.

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