New Sysadmin Setup

Contact Information

Owner: GNOME Sysadmin Team

Contact: #sysadmin

Persons: AndreaVeri


This procedure will explain all the steps required in order to build an RPM using Mock and installing the result on the GNOME Infrastructure's internal repository.


Note: Be aware that the target you should build an RPM against should reflect host's repository flavour and architecture. (in this specific example, we'll use epel-6-x86_64 as repository and x86_64 as architecture)

  1. Login to, and run mock -r epel-6-x86_64 --rebuild src.rpm.

  2. Login to and copy the results to /home/admin/pkgs/el6. (or just copy them from clutter by using NFS)

  3. Run cobbler reposync and rebuild the internal repositories.

  4. Install the package through puppet.

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