Manage Websites with Git SOP

Contact Information

Owner: GNOME Sysadmin Team

Contact: #sysadmin

Persons: AndreaVeri

Purpose: Allows remote hooks execution


This procedure will explain how to update a website using a GIT repository hosted on another machine.


  1. log into the $server you need something updated or rebuilt from a GIT repository. (this may require a few iptables tricks to allow to access $server remotely)
  2. cd /etc/fishpoll.d
  3. cp -r existing-conf-file your-new-conf-file (you can grab socket:/etc/fishpoll.d/wgo_theme as an example)
  4. login into and cd to the relevant GIT repository.
  5. cd hooks and nano post-update (you should see it as post-update.sample, just move it to post-update)
  6. add content this way: fishpoke server topic (where server is socket for example, without appended and topic is the conf file, so for wgo_theme we'll have 'fishpoke socket wgo_theme')
  7. start or kill the daemon and start it again to flush the configuration files with 'sudo fishpolld'. (or even sudo fishpolld -d for DEBUG mode)

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