Migrating external infrastructures to the GNOME Foundation

This document is meant for all the external projects willing to migrate their Infrastructure to the GNOME Foundation and thus to the GNOME Sysadmin Team.


How can I migrate my Git repositories?

Once you obtain a new GNOME account as explained at NewAccounts you can directly push all the repository and its history to git.gnome.org. All the information to set up a new repository under the GNOME Infrastructure is available at Git/NewRepository.

What steps are required for receiving a GNOME account for Git commits?

All the process is outlined at NewAccounts.

How can I create a new repository?

You should probably be looking at Git/NewRepository.


How can I request new products to be added for my projects?

Open a bug against the Bugzilla product at the following url asking for new components to be added. Please provide all the information requested at Bugsquad/ForMaintainers#To_add_a_project_to_the_bugzilla_database.

Mailing Lists - Mailman

How can I request a new mailing list for my new project?

Open a new bug providing the following details:

  1. List name, please remember that list names must end with -list. (i.e gnome-print-list, gnome-shell-list)

  2. The emails of the adminstrators.

A password will be then generated and sent to the desired addresses.

Can I import my old archives?

Sure, please add them to the bug report you previously opened and we'll make sure they will be imported correctly.

You should subscribe to the following list: https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/infrastructure-announce.


Can I migrate my websites too?

Indeed, open a new bug containing the following details:

  1. Which software you will need installed. (i.e PHP, Mysql)
  2. A link to a tarball with website's content.
  3. If the website makes use of a Mysql database, please dump the database and if it doesn't contain any private content attach it to the email. Otherwise mail gnome-sysadmin@gnome.org which is a private mailing list where GNOME sysadmins have access to.

Other services

Do you provide IRC commit notifications?

We do, please consider reading Sysadmin/CommitsBot.

We have a channel on irc.gnome.org, can you provide us IRC Services?

Sure, please give Sysadmin/IRC a look.

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