The GNOME GitHub Mirror

The GNOME Infrastructure is currently managing a mirror of (specificially the GNOME group) on GitHub.

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FAQ for Users

Will pull requests and issues be accepted?

Issues have been disabled already for the entire organisation. Pull requests won't be accepted. Instead of creating a "pull request" on GitHub, you must create a "merge request" (same thing) on the GNOME GitLab instance.

How can I contribute in the case I have a patch handy?

After forking the repository and preparing your patch, you can submit it for review on the GNOME GitLab instance by opening an MR (Merge Request) against the relevant GitLab project, which corresponds to the repository name of the specific GNOME module you are contributing to (i.e

My pull request(s) were automatically closed by the GNOME Sysadmin Robot, what now?

If any of your pull requests were closed with the text that will follow it means you were suggested to start contributing via the ordinary means to the GNOME Project. The way to properly contribute to the project expects you to register an account on GitLab and follow the instructions available on the wiki.

Behind the automatic closures of Pull Requests is the script that runs daily at midnight. The script was originally announced on the desktop-devel mailing list in November 2016. If you'd like to report any bug on the aforementioned script please do so here.

FAQ for GNOME maintainers

Why my module is not appearing on the mirror?

Modules are created and updated on-the-go when a specific commit gets pushed to a repository. Make sure that your repository receives a new commit after the 15-08-2013, which is the date we effectively activated the GitHub's hook on the whole set of repositories.

An old or obsolete repository was mirrored, what should I do?

Open a ticket for Sysadmins asking for the specific repository to be removed from GitHub. In addition to that, please also request (on the same bug report) the original git repository to be archived.

I am interested in contributing to the mirroring tools, where can I find them?

The hook that we are currently using is available on the following repository.

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