DNS domain services

/!\ Note for Sysadmins: please read Sysadmin/SOP/DNSZoneUpdates for instructions on how to update the DNS zone files.

GNOME hosts a primary and secondary DNS server, both running the latest BIND, each in a different data-center. Currently we define the master zones for the following domains:

  • gnome.org
  • gnome.de
  • gnome.fi
  • gnome.no
  • gnome3.org
  • gnome3.com
  • gnomejournal.org
  • gnomefoundation.org
  • gnome-foundation.org
  • guadec.es
  • guadec.org
  • gnomehispano.es
  • gnomehispano.org
  • pango.org
  • tomboy-online.org
  • tomboy-online.com
  • clutter-project.org
  • pygtk.org
  • gimp.org
  • gimp.net
  • gegl.org
  • gtk.org

In some cases, we delegate subdomains for the ISO country codes (e.g. 'it.gnome.org', 'de.gnome.org' etc) for GNOME sub-organisations within a country. We do recommend that if there is a 'www.<cc>.gnome.org', that it at least has a homepage that is aimed at general GNOME users/developers in that country. If it contain resources for translators, all the better, but it should not be entirely about translations/translators.

Historically we had a number of DNS servers, independently run, scattered randomly around the world in no particular order. It was decided that, for maintainability reasons, DNS be brought completely in-house with the sole exception for ns.axu.tm.

Matthew Galgoci is the man to thank for getting the original nameservers based on BIND set up and configured. AndreaVeri then rebuilt the entire DNS infrastructure back in September 2016 moving it off from BIND to NSD + Unbound.

AndreaVeri and OwenTaylor have access to update the registrar information.

Please submit any DNS-related problems or requests to Bugzilla.

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