Ways to contact the GNOME Sysadmin Team

There are a number of specific contact points for particular services:

Emergency / Urgent

<emergency AT gnome DOT org>


<secresp AT gnome DOT org>


<accounts AT gnome DOT org>

Requests containing private information (IPs, personal details etc.)

<support AT gnome DOT org>

Anything else not matching the previous categories


<gnome-infrastructure AT gnome DOT org> is a public mailing list for discussion of services running on the gnome.org servers. Archives are open to everyone. The archives are available HERE.

<infrastructure-announce AT gnome DOT org> is a public mailing list where all major announcements about downtimes, outages and maintenances are sent. The archives are available HERE.


{i} Note: the status of the queues can be found at https://rt.gnome.org/stats

The GNOME Infrastructure is currently tracking accounts and security-related reports through a Request Tracker (RT) instance hosted at https://rt.gnome.org for the sensitive information (name, surnames, IPs, personal information) they might contain.

Please consider reading the ../RequestTracker wiki page for instructions on how to report your problem against these specific services.


Many of the GNOME System Administration team can be found on irc.gnome.org. Check the #sysadmin channel. This is a good place for general questions, banter or for prodding sysadmins, but formal requests for action must be made by e-mail, so that they are seen by all sysadmins, and so that the request and any responses are properly archived.


For urgent problems please email <emergency AT gnome DOT org>. In case you don't get a response for more than 30 minutes, please contact one of the following phone numbers:

Patrick Uiterwijk


+1 972 707 6400

Any Time

Andrea Veri


+39 344 347 7274

Central European Time

Owen Taylor


1 781 223-1745

US Eastern

If you're calling, please make sure that your urgent problem is really urgent. (Major service down and blocking people's work, security issue)

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