Ways to contact the GNOME Sysadmin Team

There are a number of specific contact points for particular services:

Emergency / Urgent / Severe Security Problem

<emergency AT gnome DOT org>




New Accounts -- Existing Accounts

Anything else not matching the previous categories


<gnome-infrastructure AT gnome DOT org> is a public mailing list for discussion of services running on the gnome.org servers. Archives are open to everyone. The archives are available HERE.

<infrastructure-announce AT gnome DOT org> is a public mailing list where all major announcements about downtimes, outages and maintenances are sent. The archives are available HERE.


Many of the GNOME Infrastructure team can be found on irc.gnome.org. Check the #sysadmin channel. This is a good place for general questions, banter or for prodding sysadmins, but formal requests for action must be made by e-mail, so that they are seen by all sysadmins, and so that the request and any responses are properly archived.


For urgent problems please email <emergency AT gnome DOT org>. In case you don't get a response for more than 30 minutes, please contact one of the following phone numbers:

Patrick Uiterwijk


+1 972 707 6400

Any Time

Andrea Veri


+39 344 347 7274

Central European Time

Owen Taylor


1 781 223-1745

US Eastern

If you're calling, please make sure that your urgent problem is really urgent. (Major service down and blocking people's work, security issue)

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