GNOME Sysadmin Team

This area is intended to be a place for the GNOME sysadmin team to provide information about the services and facilities provided for the GNOME community.

For more information about the GNOME sysadmin team, how we are organised and how to get involved, please see Sysadmin/Team.


Services are sorted by whom the expected target of the wiki pages is going to be.




Requesting a new service, website, account or mailing list?

Frequently Asked Questions and projects prerequisites

  • AccountNameFAQ - Answers to commonly asked questions about the account policy.

  • ProjectPrerequisites - Basic pre-requisites for projects seeking resources (e.g. Git/web/lists etc.).

  • Git/FAQ - Things to know about git.

The Team

  • /Team - Team structure and contact information

  • /Contact - Ways of contacting the sysadmins

  • /ToDo - Our To Do list of items

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