Sponsorship Committee

The GNOME Sponsorship Committee is responsible for ensuring corporate sponsorship for GNOME events and conferences. A representative from each of the main conferences (GNOME.Asia, GUADEC, LAS) will be appointed in order to provide a bridge of support to the local teams.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Maintain a list of contacts and entities whom we have a relationship with
  • Work with event organizers to coordinate sponsorship levels and perks
  • Provide quarterly reports to the GNOME Foundation board
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

The committee is able to do the following on behalf of the Board:

  • Issue sponsorship agreement forms
  • Make statements on behalf of the GNOME Foundation, relating to events sponsorship
  • Issue invoices for events sponsorship

These responsibilities and powers were granted to the Sponsorship Committee on 26 September 2017.




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