Session Proposals for Speck Hack Fest 2008

Suggest your own Speck Hack Fest 2008 session, or nominate someone else!

I will run a session about...

  • (Your session proposal here!)
  • Getting involved with GNOME (DanielSiegel, PatrickOhnewein)

    • (for all the folks who come because they're local and curious).
    • First part about Gnomes history and introduction to the use of Gnome desktop
    • Second part more for developers who want to get started in Gnome hacking
  • Developing a GNOME program in one hour (or a bit more) (DanielSiegel)

    • How to develop a GNOME program, basics, hints and tricks

I'd love to join a session about...

  • (Your session proposal here!)
  • Hacking Gnome with Java (PatrickOhnewein)

  • transparent integration of Subversion into Nautilus (PatrickOhnewein)

    • Subversion gets more and more used by non programmers to manage their documents.
    • Nautilus integration of subversion through scripts is not enough, because the user has to understand the subversion commands (for deleting, moving, ...) and run those instead of simply working in nautilus
    • Visual feedback of added, changed, committed files or folders are missing
  • Bug triaging guide (DanielSiegel)

    • How to track down bugs, report them and fix them

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