We discuss things on desktop-devel-list, for general awareness.

We chat in in the #safety channel.

Pending tasks


If you find a bug relevant for the safety and privacy team, please put "safety" in the status whiteboard field of the bug. This will help us find it easily.

SSL/TLS all the things

See the minutes of the initial meeting at GUADEC 2014 for more details. These packages need TLS-ification:

  • Gnome-weather - 736814

  • Gnome-maps (FIXME: bug?)
  • Gnome-music (FIXME: bug?)
  • Gravatar (FIXME: bug? Which code fetches the avatars?)
  • Seahorse 617383

How do we do certificate pinning for "random" applications like those? Can we centralize that functionality (in libsoup)?

Content sharing / service APIs

See Design/OS/Sharing for inspiration from other OSes, and for a proposed workflow.

Forget passphrases when screensaver activates

We should probably forget the user's typed passphrases (for ssh, GPG, etc.) when the screensaver activates, and/or when the user suspends the machine.

Metadata scrubbers

When we have a service API to share files, we'll need to offer the user a way to scrub metadata. See the Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT) for an implementation.

Meeting minutes

Initial meeting at GUADEC 2014

People present at the initial GUADEC 2014 BoF

  • Matthew Garret
  • Nicklas Lindgren
  • Garret LeSage

  • FedericoMenaQuintero

  • D. Spindel Ljungmark
  • Hans Petter Jansson
  • Gunnar Andersson
  • Elad Alfassa
  • And others forgotten and missed.

Interesting links

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