Ross Golder shamelessly rips off other peoples l.g.o. pages. He was formerly the GNOME sysadmin team leader, and maintainer of the gtranslator project. He's now fairly inactive in GNOME, except as a user, since the birth of his first son, Sam, in Jan 2007. He previously attended GUADEC Paris 2000 and Dublin 2004 and enjoyed them, even though nobody knew who he was. He also popped in to the Canonical conference in Oxford and said hello to a few people (and hacked on gtranslator for a bit). Recently, he helped out for a day on the GNOME stand at LinuxWorld Expo (2006) in London. He was disappointed to miss GUADEC 2007 in Birmingham, but he hopes to be able to make it in 2008. He also feels a bit odd talking about himself in the third person, so he's going to finish up this Bio.


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