pessulus Roadmap


What are your plans for GNOME 2.24 (next 4 months, before feature and UI freezes)?

  • maybe move the code to sabayon?

What are your plans for GNOME 2.26 (next year)?


Do you have plans for a future release?

  • make it possible to describe how an app can locked down easily in a file, and use those files to generate new "pages" in pessulus. The goal is to have a kind of plugin system, but writing a plugin could be dead-easy. I probably won't have time to do it, though, so help is welcome :-)

Do you have any goals from 2.22 that were not achieved? Why?

Everything, because of lack of time. It'd be nice to have someone else work on pessulus...

Is there something that is really missing in our infrastructure or platform that would help you?

  • A good documentation for lockdown for developers
  • Maybe some API to easily check for common lockdown things (like "is printing allowed?")

Do you have plans to work on other modules not maintained by you? What are they?

Well, I have lots of ideas, but I have no time. So no :-) I'll open bugs, though.

Do you have any GNOME-wide goals suggestions for the next releases?

Make user-visible changes. Sexy stuff. Also, at some point, it'd be great to concentrate on fixing bugs: bugzilla is getting more and more bugs. We need more people.

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