Orca Roadmap

Maintainers: Willie Walker (lead), Rich Burridge, Joanmarie Diggs, Eitan Isaacson, Mike Pedersen





Please refer to bugs marked with the FUTURE target milestone.

Meta Questions and Answers

What infrastructure improvements do we need?

We really need to have a good regression testing across the board. Bugs are often found too late in the GNOME release cycle. As a result, we (the Orca team) often end up needing to find and fix the bugs in other modules because the other module maintainers are too busy freaking out about getting their planned work done. :-)

To help with regression testing, we've been working with IBM to develop the pyatspi support for unified Python bindings for the AT-SPI. From there, I hope the Dogtail and LDTP folks will roll in pyatspi. Then, I'd like to see more regression testing built in to build systems such as jhbuild.

What other modules will we work on?

In the event we run into accessibility problems that live in other modules, we try to work with the module maintainers to resolve these problems. We've done this a lot in the past, and I don't expect it to stop. :-)

What GNOME-wide goals suggestions do we have for the next releases?

Accessibility-based regression testing. Let's do it!

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