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  • Sergey Udaltsov

What are your plans for GNOME 2.22 (next 4 months, before feature and UI freezes)?

Get rid of overengineered dbus-based client-server solution used to retrieve localized layout descriptions (in sync with libxklavier and xkeyboard-config switching to explicit gettext-based translation).

What are your plans for GNOME 2.24 (next year)?

I'll try to introduce GUI for choosing layouts not only per-country but also per-language.

Do you have plans for a future release?

Do you have any goals from 2.20 that were not achieved? Why?

All above. Reason - lack of spare time.

Is there something that is really missing in our infrastructure or platform that would help you?

No, I really like GNOME infrastructure.

Do you have plans to work on other modules not maintained by you? What are they?

I wish I'd have time.

Do you have any GNOME-wide goals suggestions for the next releases?

Please do not introduce any C# or any other Mono-dependent code.

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