Gnome Keyring Roadmap


  • Stef Walter

What are your plans for GNOME 2.26 (next year)?

  • Complete the PKCS#11 work necessary for a usable certificate and key viewer in seahorse.
  • Add support for encryption key unlock and usage constraints (such as timeouts, prompts)
  • Better integration with the gnome-session during startup.

Do you have any goals from 2.25 that were not achieved? Why?

  • Completion of the PKCS#11 UI in seahorse.

Is there something that is really missing in our infrastructure or platform that would help you?

Do you have plans to work on other modules not maintained by you? What are they?

  • Creating patches for other components to use the gnome-keyring key store.

Do you have any GNOME-wide goals suggestions for the next releases?


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