GDM Roadmap


  • Brian Cameron

What are your plans for GNOME 2.22 (next 4 months, before feature and UI freezes)?

Plans are on the Wiki: There is currently a GDM rewrite in the works. The new rewrite works with D-Bus.

What are your plans for GNOME 2.24 (next year)?

It is likely that the rewrite will require on-going work to re-enable all the features that people want.

Do you have plans for a future release?

Plans are to release with the regular GNOME schedule.

Do you have any goals from 2.20 that were not achieved? Why?

It would have been nice if more of the cleanup work had made an impact on 2.20, but I think we did as much as we could.

Is there something that is really missing in our infrastructure or platform that would help you?


Do you have plans to work on other modules not maintained by you? What are they?

Yes. I work on multimedia applications, and on general issues with GNOME working on Solaris.

Do you have any GNOME-wide goals suggestions for the next releases?


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