• AndreKlapper - setting up release cycle schedule; tracking incoming bugs + marking blocker bugs + sending mail about them; trying to keep an eye on user docs and L10N

  • ColinWalters - develop ostree and gnome-continuous

  • FredericPeters - doing releases; maintaining jhbuild and the modulesets; calling for meetings and taking minutes.

  • JavierJardon - doing release, jhbuild moduleset maintenance, project wide tasks (GnomeGoals), review freeze break requests

  • KjartanMaraas

  • LucaFerretti

  • MatthiasClasen - doing releases; scanning incoming bugs; tracking blocker bugs and sending mail about them.

  • MichaelCatanzaro

  • OlavVitters - ensuring quality due to Mageia packaging; filing blocker bugs regarding tarball releases; look for general issues on various LWN, Phoronix, etc

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