• Abderrahim - gnome-build-meta maintenance, doing releases
  • AndreKlapper - setting up release cycle schedule; tracking incoming bugs + marking blocker bugs + sending mail about them; trying to keep an eye on user docs and L10N

  • JavierJardon - doing releases, GNOME CI infrastructure, gnome-build-meta metadatada maintenance, gnome-build-meta CI, project wide tasks (GnomeGoals), review freeze break requests

  • MatthiasClasen - doing releases; scanning incoming bugs; tracking blocker bugs and sending mail about them.

  • MichaelCatanzaro - doing releases

  • EmmanueleBassi - managing GNOME Continuous

  • TristanVanBerkom - managing BuildStream

  • JordanPetridis - gnome-build-meta maintenance, GNOME CI infrastructure, GNOME Nightlies Maintianer

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