Try to set a policy in case a build failure is detected Lets take a look to what other project are doing first:


Mozilla has a fairly well defined process for the build process. The mozilla code is split into three main branches (in separate repositories):

  • mozilla-try: the try server, which is only used for testing patches; committers need level 1 access to push to the try server;
  • mozilla-inbound: the integration branch, which is used to merge various patches; committers need level 2 access to push to mozilla-inbound;
  • mozilla-central: the branch used to generate releases; committers need level 3 access to push to mozilla-central.

Build failures can only happen on mozilla-try (for obvious reasons) and on mozilla-inbound; build sheriffs have the power to block mozilla-inbound until the build failures are resolved, as well as reverting the offending commit(s). The mozilla-inbound branch is merged into mozilla-central only by build sheriffs, and only if the build is successful and the test suite remains green.

More information is available on the Mozilla wiki:




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