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[DIFF] 17:20 Info MollydeBlanc
[DIFF] 15:42 Info AndreaVeri
[DIFF] 09:48 Info MichaelGratton Update point (2) to be a bit less verbose, and link to both newcomers and help wanted issues.
[DIFF] 12:40 Info crvi [1-6] #02 Added app screenshot
#03 Added app screenshot
#04 Upload of attachment 'GNOME Activity Journal Search.png'.
#05 Upload of attachment 'GNOME Activity Journal.png'.
#06 Cleanup old links
[DIFF] 12:44 Info crvi App icon updated - org.gnome.Rhythmbox. svg -> org.gnome.Rhythmbox3 .svg
[DIFF] 17:23 Info AndreKlapper
[DIFF] 15:04 Info EmmanueleBassi Restructure to emphasise GTK4/GSettings
[DIFF] 14:36 Info FelipeBorges Replace email address with Discourse link
[DELETED] 23:04 Info CarlosSoriano Asked by the owner over email to delete this page
[DIFF] 21:18 Info AllanDay [1]
EmmanueleBassi [2-3]
#01 add meeting notes
[DIFF] 09:58 Info ricotz
[DIFF] 13:45 Info AndreKlapper [1-2] #01 No more marketing mailing list; team renamed to engagement
#02 Remove r-t mailing list and add Discourse. Recommend to watch freeze break requests and security issues and build issues in GitLab. Replace/remove some outdated links.
[DIFF] 13:14 Info CarlosSoriano [1-2] #01 Revert to revision 6. sorry, instructions for the wiki were already somewhere else
#02 instructions to contribute to this wiki
[DIFF] 13:14 Info CarlosSoriano [1-2] #01 Revert to revision 361. sorry, instructions for the wiki were already there
#02 Adding instructions to contribute to this wiki
[DIFF] 13:11 Info CarlosSoriano
[DIFF] 08:32 Info MichaelGratton Add section about Exchange support


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