Help us to promote GNOME 2.28!

Blog about it

To make your post more appealing, we created those banners to be posted along with the nice announcement.

made-to-share-274x140.png made-to-share-155x185.png made-to-share-195x90.png

Microblog about it

Make some buzz about the new release of your favorite desktop by posting some quick notes about 2.28. Here are some ideas:

  • Retweet the original @gnome's announcement:
  • Post with your own message. Here are some ideas:
    • "Made to Share!" is the theme
    • Bluetooth was added to GNOME 2.28
    • Changes were made to make GNOME even better on netbooks, like the new release of Cheese.
    • Link to one of the articles listed below.
  • Tag any articles you find in delicious and other bookmarking services with:

Submit articles and comments on news websites

Post articles, reviews, comments on your favorite news website.

Here are some to comment on. Please add any you write or find (blog posts are good too!):

Translate the banners

If you want to translate the original banner to another language, download the sources here:

To edit the text, open the svg in a text editor, search for "Made to share" and replace all with the translated version. Then install the Vegur font, open the file in Inkscape, resize the text if necessary and export the image.







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