GNOME-Related Projects Fundraisers

It is possible to donate to the GNOME Foundation, but there are also a number of other individual projects fundraisers. The GNOME Foundation spends most of its money on infrastructure, operational overhead, occasional legal advice, conference and hackfest budget, etc. But the Foundation does not pay directly developers or contributors for the work they do in GNOME, except for a few internships (for example Outreachy). On the other hand, when donating to one of the following projects fundraisers, the money is directly used to develop and maintain the projects (by paying a salary to the developers); those individual fundraisers are usually launched by long-time contributors and maintainers of those projects.

Whether you prefer to donate to the GNOME Foundation or one of the following projects is up to you, both are important. The goal of this wiki page is just to list the other fundraisers for GNOME or at least GNOME-related.

Current fundraisers

Past fundraisers

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