Installing and start using Liblarch

Downloading liblarch

From tarballs

0.1 release tarballs


- Ubuntu: dev version available in GTG's daily PPA

Latest dev version

git clone

Using liblarch in your pything application

If liblarch is not in your PATH (which is usually the case without proper packaging), you have to add it. If the liblarch folder is on the same level as your own application level, you can do:

   1 import sys
   2 sys.path.append("../liblarch/")

there are two modules you can import: liblarch and liblarch-gtk. Thus:

   1 import liblarch

(which contains the objects TreeNode, Tree and ViewTree)


   1 import liblarch-gtk

(which contains the object TreeView, extending gtk.TreeView)

Liblarch has an API version number in the form "1.2". The major number changes whenever an existing method is removed or modified. The minor number change whenever a method is added. This means that the major version has to match your requirement but the minor number only have to be bigger or equal to the number you've used during your development.

There's a method is_compatible() for that. You can also access the current liblarch API version with "api".

   1 import liblarch
   2 version_required = "1.0"
   3 print "current liblarch version: %s" %liblarch.api
   4 print "Compatibility: %s" %liblarch.is_compatible(version_required)

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