GTK widget for liblarch

Liblarch API: 1.0

liblarch-gtk allows to connect a liblarch.ViewTree to a gtk.TreeView. All you have to do is define how you will display your data.

More to come

LibLarch's TreeWidget displays a view in a TreeView. Every time the view is changed, the TreeView is also updated. In fact, LibLarch TreeWidget is pre-configured TreeWidget.

To construct LibLarch Widget you need to pass a ViewTree and description of columns to display. A definition of a column is a dictionary where keys are:

  • value (required) => (type of values, function for generating value from a node)

  • renderer (required) => (renderer_attribute, renderer object)

  • order => specify order of column otherwise use natural oreder

  • expandable => is the column expandable?

  • resizable => is the column resizable?

  • visible => is the column visible?

  • title => title of column

  • sorting => allow default sorting on this column

  • sorting_func => use special function for sorting on this func

LibLarch TreeWidget has support for Drag and Drop, background color and selections.

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