libLarch, a Python library to easily handle data structures

libLarch is a Python library built to easily handle data structures such as lists, trees and directed acyclic graphs (tree where nodes can have multiple parents). There's also a liblarch-gtk binding that will allow you to use your data structure into a Gtk.Treeview.

libLarch supports multiple views of one data structure, and complex filtering. That way, you have a clear separation between your data (Model) and how it is displayed (View).

If you find Gtk.Treeview and Gtk.Treemodel hard to use, then libLarch is probably for you.

Download latest release tarball - Github page -

Documentation libLarch API 1.0

Who built this?


The next milestone is to work on our major issue: performance.

If you identify any use case where using libLarch is hard or impossible, please tell us, we are open to suggestions. Please report us bugs.

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