This is the 0.4 release schedule. 0.3.x releases are considered development releases targeted to developers who wish to use the new API and port their applications.

This schedule closely follows the GNOME Schedule, therefore libchamplain will jump from 0.3.1 to 0.3.3 to match it.




Jun 12th 2009

0.3.3 API change freeze

Updates to bindings allowed, Route drawing API should be merged

Jun 15th 2009

0.3.3 released

July 20th 2009

GNOME's API change freeze

but we are not going to make it

July 27th 2009

0.3.4 API change freeze

Updates to bindings allowed, Marker selection API should be merged, last release with Clutter 0.8

July 31th 2009

0.3.4 released

Aug 3rd 2009

0.3.6 released

Should use Clutter 1.0

Aug 10th 2009

0.3.90 released

Should include all enhancements targeted at milestone 0.4

Aug 24th 2009

0.3.91 released

Should include all fixes for bugs tagged for milestone 0.4

Sep 7th 2009

0.3.92 released

Sep 14th 2009

0.4 released

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