gspell FAQ

Differences between gspell and GtkSpell

  • gspell has more features.
  • gspell is unit tested.
  • For the inline GtkTextView spell checker, GtkSpell checks the whole GtkTextBuffer synchronously, which can freeze the UI if the buffer contains a lot of text. On the other hand, gspell checks the buffer asynchronously. A copy of the GtkSourceRegion utility is used to keep track of the regions already spell-checked. This also permits to check only the visible regions of the GtkTextBuffer (only the text currently displayed in a GtkTextView).

  • Different API. gspell has more classes, while all GtkSpell public functions have the gtk_spell_checker prefix even though not all those functions belong to the GtkSpellChecker GObject class. So, in my opinion, gspell has a better API.

Why a separate library?

The non-GUI parts of gspell could be implemented in GIO, with an extension point to not hard-depend on Enchant. And the GUI parts could be implemented in GTK.

I (SébastienWilmet) created gspell as a separate library for several reasons:

  • Be able to iterate on the API more freely, and have something working (and used by several apps) in less time. Now gspell-1 has a stable API, but nothing prevents me from bumping to gspell-2 to break the API, making the new major version parallel-installable. For the time being, GIO is stuck at version 2, which means that breaking the API is not possible there.
  • Be the maintainer. If I wanted to integrate spell-checking in GIO and GTK, the project would have taken much more time. With a separate library, it was done in a little more than 6 months, working on and off on it (and part-time). I didn't want to be blocked on my work because of a lack of reviews.
  • Having the code self-contained. Having all the spell-checking-related code in one repository. The biggest *.c file contains currently 1500 lines. Mixing all the GtkTextView support of gspell into GtkTextView itself would make the code less clear and thus harder to maintain, in my opinion.

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