gspell provides a flexible API to add spell-checking to a GTK+ application.


  • Access to basic spell checking functionality with a GObject-based API
  • An inline spell checker for GtkEntry

  • An inline spell checker for GtkTextView (enhanced version of GtkSpell)

  • A spell checker dialog for GtkTextView

  • Support of the no-spell-check tag defined by GtkSourceView

  • Language choosers (button and dialog)

Examples of applications that use gspell

  • Builder - Integrated Development Environment.

  • Evince - PDF viewer, for the document annotations.

  • gedit - text editor, where the code comes from (for the GtkTextView support).

  • GNOME LaTeX - LaTeX editor, the first app using gspell.

  • Polari - IRC client.

  • Recipes - as the name suggests.

  • Software - the GNOME app center, for writing app reviews.



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