Zeitgeist Full Text Search (FTS) Extension

The FTS extension lives in lp:zeitgeist-extensions. If you check out zeitgeist-extensions you can launch the Zeitgeist daemon FTS-enabled with the following command:

PYTHONPATH=~/Projects/zeitgeist-extensions/fts ZEITGEIST_EXTRA_EXTENSIONS=fts.SearchEngineExtension zeitgeist-daemon --replace
  • (!) Note: The FTS extension requires at least version 0.4.0 of the Zeitgeist engine to work

Nice to Know

  1. At the time of writing the FTS extension will not index your existing log, only the events that roll in while the FTS extension is enabled. Except...
  2. (!) If you don't already have a full text index, it will reindex your entire history on startup. To force a full reindex you can thus, kill Zeitgeist (pkill zeitgeist), then rm -rf ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index, and finally just restart zeitgeist-daemon

  3. Deletes are not supported right now, but will be so very soon

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