This page collects topics that hackers might want to talk about at the Hackfest. The list is an unsorted braindump. Please add your own.

libsoup reorganization

Figure out how to reorganize the libsoup API so that it can integrate easier into WebKit, support missing features (in particular interaction with gvfs) and is easier to hack. See bug 591739 and bug 557777 for details.

making Cairo graphics hardware accelerated

Don't use image surfaces everywhere, but use native surfaces. This is for performance reasons. Initial code exists in Benjamin's git branch at Dicussion needs to happen on what objects this should happen and how best to integrate it, so that all the Cairo-using ports (Linux, Windows, maybe Clutter later) can benefit from it and WebGL integration works fine.

ability to pause or mute webviews

An idea exists that it would be nice if one was able to make tabs in a browser not produce loud music or consume 100% CPU with busy Javascript. Dicussion needs to happen if that is a good idea and how feasible implementing it would be.

one process per tab

Google Chrome does rendering in separate processes. The many (dis)advantages are documented around the web. It would be nice if WebKitGtk could do this, too. However, no path to get there does exists.

random ideas for the media player

Wishlist for 1.1.17

  • form submission notification API
  • more a11y goodness
  • Cache Control APIs (#24001)

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