WebKitGTK+ Coruña Hackfest 2009


So what is this anyway?

A week of hacking on WebKitGTK+, in A Coruña, from the 15th to the 21st of December, 2009.


http://www.collabora.co.uk/ http://www.igalia.com/


Location and accomodation

The hackfest will happen at the Igalia offices (see the photo at the beginning of the page), which are located at c/ Bugallal Marchesi 22, 1st, 15008 A Coruña (google maps fu). We'll be booking hotel rooms for all non-local people at the Hotel Avenida, which is 500m from the venue (more google maps fu).

There will be wifi, drawing boards, snacks and an awesome dinner sponsored by Igalia.

Who is attending

Please fill in the details of your arrival/departure, so we can organize things like picking up people from the airport/stations.


Arrival at station/airport

Arrival Date/Time

Departure from station/airport

Departure Date/Time

Alejandro García

LCG, VY2798

Monday (14th) 12:25



Behdad Esfahbod

LCG, JK6074

Thursday (17th) 15:20

LCG, JK6079

Monday (21st) 07:05

Benjamin Otte

LCG, Spanair 6076

Tuesday (15th) 19:00

LCG, Spanair 6073

Monday (21st) 08:35

Christian Dywan

SCQ, Air Berlin 7522

Wednesday (16th) 16:30

SCQ, Air Berlin 7523

Sunday (20th) 17:15

Cody Rusell

LCG, ?

Tuesday (15th) 19:25

LCG, Iberia 519

Monday (21st) 09:25

Dan Winship

LCG, Spanair 6474

Tuesday (15th) 20:55

LCG, Spanair 6073

Monday (21st) 08:35

Evan Martin

LCG, Spanair 6074

Tuesday (15th) 15:20

LCG, Spanair 6073

Monday (21st) 08:35

Gustavo Noronha

LCG, Tap Portugal 776

Sunday (13th) 20:30

LCG, Tap Portugal 777

Monday (21st) 08:00

Martin Robinson

LCG, Spanair 6474

Tuesday (15th) 20:55

LCG, Spanair 6465

Monday (21st) 09:24

Philippe Normand

LCG, Spanair 6474

Monday (14th) 20:55

SQC, Vueling

Tuesday (22nd) 18:30

Xan López

LCG, Iberia 524

Sunday (13th) 16:55



Reinout van Schouwen

LCG, IB0512

Wednesday (16th) 12:50

LCG, IB0513

Monday (21st) 13:30


See the separate Agenda page and add your own points.

Epiphany Regression bugs

Bugs we need to fix to be on the same level as Epiphany/Gecko was. See the Regression Bugs page.


Useful links for WebKit hackers:

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