Vala USB Sample

Listing USB devices

This sample shows usage of LibUSB to display currently connected USB devices.

Requires Vala 0.14.0 & libusb 1.0 ("libusb-1.0" on Debian/Ubuntu).

using LibUSB;

int main () {

        // declare objects
        Context context;
        Device[] devices;

        // initialize LibUSB and get the device list
    Context.init (out context);
    context.get_device_list (out devices);

    stdout.printf ("\n USB Device List\n---------------\n");

        // iterate through the list
    int i = 0;
    while (devices[i] != null)
        var dev = devices[i];

            // we print all values in hexadecimal here

        stdout.printf ("\n Bus number : %04x", dev.get_bus_number ());
        stdout.printf ("\n Address : %04x", dev.get_device_address ());

        DeviceDescriptor desc = DeviceDescriptor (dev);
        stdout.printf ("\n Vendor ID : %04x",  desc.idVendor);
        stdout.printf ("\n Product ID : %04x", desc.idProduct);

        stdout.printf ("\n");

    return 0;

Compile and Run

$ valac --pkg libusb-1.0 usb-sample.vala
$ ./usb-sample


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