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Syntax Support

IDE Support

There are various projects in various states of stability in order to provide IDE support for Vala:

  • Anjuta (>= 3.0) has Vala auto-indentation, auto-completion (IntelliSense) and Glade drag&drop support for Vala. It can also manage Vala autotools projects.

  • Atom - Vala package for Atom editor

  • GNOME Builder - Builder has extended support for Vala in what will become 3.18.1. This includes a symbol tree, as you type error highlighting, auto completion, auto indentation, and "Goto Definition".

  • Geany is an integrated development environment with support for vala syntax and code completion.

  • MonoDevelop comes with Vala bindings since 2.0. (monodevelop-vala is no longer supported)

  • Netbeans - Plugin for the Netbeans IDE for Vala

  • TextMate or RedCar - A TextMate (OS X) bundle with syntax support, snippets, and other features. It should also work with the cross-platform RedCar editor.

  • Valama - An IDE with glade editor & symbols navigator

  • Vala Toys for gedit - Vala plugin for gedit

  • Valencia - Vala plugin for gedit

  • Val(a)IDE is an integrated development environment for Vala, developed with Vala. (valide is no longer supported)

Other Tools

  • Valadoc - generate documentation from VAPIs, GIRs and other files

  • Gcovr - code coverage reports, use the --debug switch with valac to include source file line numbers

Online Services Supporting Vala

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