This page is a checklist for things to be done before switching GTK+ 3.0 bindings to GIR.

The relevant bug is

The relevant branch to update is wip/gtkgir. You can force push or merge from master as you wish, shouldn't be a problem.

Whenever you encounter something to be done, even regarding a single possible method, add it to this checklist.

Whenever you effectively check something, strike it in this checklist.

Command used to build the bindings:

cd /vala/vapi
make gtk+-3.0 GIRDIR=/vala-girs/gir-1.0 GENVAPI="../vapigen/vapigen --vapidir=/vala/vapi --girdir=/vala-girs/gir-1.0"


  • (Luca) Gtk accessible objects need to include "gtk/gtk-a11y.h". This is done in git master.

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