Apps using Tracker

Systems using Tracker

Nearly all GNOME-based Linux distribution use Tracker.


Projects related with Tracker


An RDF quad store that supports SPARQL queries, written in C. More flexible than Tracker's store due to being a "true" quad store. Performance hasn't been compared. Little ongoing development.

Apache Lucene + Solr

A middleware tool that provides indexing and search features. Compared to Tracker, it is designed for much larger datasets, and does not focus on being lightweight at all. It is written in Java and provides a HTTP API.


Baloo is a daemon to index files. Applications can use the Baloo framework to provide file search results. Used by KDE desktop applications.

Gnome Shell

Core of GNOME desktop. Has built in search feature, with a public D-Bus search provider API that allows any desktop software to extend the Shell's search functionality.

There is a Tracker search provider extension. Some applications already expose data from Tracker as search results: GNOME Documents and GNOME Photos.


Recoll is a QT-based graphical application that allows indexing and searching files using the Xapian search tool.

Serd and Sord

Serd is a lightweight C library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples; Sord is a lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory.


Xapian is a C++ middleware component that provides indexing and search services similar to Tracker. Compared to Tracker, it focuses more on scaleability and less on being lightweight.

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