• On-demand indexing
    • tracker index can modify config, rather than doing on-demand indexing

    • tracker info can show why a file wasn't indexed (errors, or blocklists)

    • Still not sure if file-processed branch is needed
  • Release plans
    • Don't want to delay everything, but looks unlikely that all apps will be ready
    • Plan for a "hybrid" release where GNOME 3.38 depends on 2.x and 3.x, but 3.x disabled by default. GTK+ and Nautilus will use 2.x. Apps ported to Tracker 3 will use IndexLocation to explicitly start tracker-miner-fs-3. In this way, we don't block apps which are ready to switch, but we avoid extra resource usage in many cases.

    • Apps most likely to be ready for 3.38 are Music, Bijiben, and Boxes.
  • GUADEC talk planning

Next meeting

None scheduled -- maybe 8th August?

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