• App porting
    • Not much progress from me or Carlos on either Grilo or Photos.
    • Rygel
      • Upload will be disabled on tracker3 plugin for now, a discussion is needed about how this would work. It's probably not a widely used feature.
      • Phako was seeing an issue with file descriptor leaking, which is now gone. We're not sure why though. Maybe a hidden bug.
      • Album art will need to be extracted by Rygel now, as Tracker no longer does this.
  • Apps working on systems without Tracker3
    • Apps will need to check they're running in a flatpak, and prefer a domain-specific Tracker instance instead of the system-wide one.
    • This means they will need to install a domain rule
    • Sam to prototype this with gnome-music
  • IndexFile

    • For 2.99.3, we should have all the sandboxing in place.
    • We need further improvements to IndexFile for gnome-photos, Sam will look at this

  • Media art
    • Gnome Music startup times are affected by having to calculate album art filenames for everything
    • Could we store this in the database? Yes, but it'd increase the size.
    • Could we add a sparql function to do this? Maybe.
  • GUADEC talk:
    • We are speaking at GUADEC!
      • Talk should be non-technical, aimed at desktop users and app authors to promote tracker3
      • Focus on improvements to sandboxing (for everyone), improvements in how Tracker works with Flatpak (for app developers), and improvements to CLI (for 'power users'),
  • CLI improvements
    • We want to improve user docs (https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker/-/issues/97)

      • The man pages of the CLI should cover most of this.
    • We have various ideas for improvements to CLI for tracker3:
      • tracker list alias for tracker search --files

      • Command to list extraction failures
      • tracker index better error reporting

      • SPARQL shell
      • bash completion improvement so you can tab-complete D-Bus names in the tracker3 --dbus-service arg

      • setting a pager, as many commands (systemctl for example) already do

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