• Progress on app porting
  • Reducing database sizes
  • ...



App porting updates

  • GNOME Online Miners - Initial port finished
  • Grilo
    • Reading data is easy, writing data is less easy
    • Need to wait for feedback from Grilo maintainers. Carlos will email them.
  • Music - waiting for Grilo changes
  • GTK FileChooser search engine

    • Carlos working on this.
  • Rygel
    • Phako working on rewriting the queries as the previous code was a mess.

Database size

A newly created database using Nepomuk is 3.5MB plus more for each graph. This adds up fast.

Sam can look at this.

The tracker: namespace

We define some properties in tracker: namespace inside the 11-rdf.ontology ontology. Then we define more tracker: namespace properties in nepomuk/90-tracker.ontology.

  • We could move the ontology properties to 12-nrl.ontology

    • This is using the nepomuk name for something that isn't nepomuk, though
  • Ideally we would use OWL to define ontologies, for compatibility with the wider Linked Data world. That might be out of scope for 3.0.
  • Another option is: use tracker namespace in the base ontology, and rename the nepomuk/90-tracker.ontology to something else.

We have a tracker:available property which we set on every single file to say if it's mounted.

  • We could set this property on the volume instead, and change apps to query the volume to see if files are available or not.

Carlos can look at this.

Media art

libmediaart uses GVolumeMonitor. This used to be used for reading .mediaartlocal directories on removable storage. That's not implemented now (see https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker/-/issues/212).

On headless systems, where GVFS isn't available, there's a bug that can cause Rygel to hang on startup inside libmediaart. Removing the volume monitor code would work around that.

Jens has a branch for this.

Thumbnailer support in tracker-miner-fs

We send notifictions following [https://wiki.gnome.org/DraftSpecs/ThumbnailerSpec|DBus thumbnailer spec]. These can be used by XFCE's thumbnailer daemon [Tumbler](https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/tumbler).

  • We only issue moved and removed notifications
  • Does XFCE use Tracker ? Is anyone actually using these notifications??
  • Remove this codepath, if anyone asks we can add it back.

Carlos can look at this.

Next meeting


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